In Home Dog Training

Puppy to Dog School provides you with a personalised in home dog training service.

One on one training is ideal for those dog owners with tight schedules who require the personalisation and flexibility that isn’t available in a group class environment.  It does not require your dog to be fully vaccinated yet and can therefore be started as early as 8 weeks old.

We can cater to In Home Puppy training programs as well as general obedience or dealing with problematic or unwanted behaviours.

Our trainers can create a customised training program suited to your dogs breed, age, temperament and environment with the outcomes you want to achieve.

Puppy to Dog School understands how important it is for you, as an owner, to form a strong bond with your puppy to be able to raise it into an obedient, happy and well adjusted dog.

This kind of training is recommended for dogs with behavioural problems.

Our one on one training comes with unlimited after course phone support to help you through anything else that might pop up.

Some of the behaviours that can be tackled in one on one training include:

• Barking

• Anxiety

• Jumping

• Pulling

• Digging

• Biting

• Obedience

• Puppy

• Aggressive Behaviour

To best assist with behavioral training, we run One on One training in-home over 3 weeks, one hour each week.

Cost for 3x 1-hour sessions $440.

Please note that this is a package and cannot be split or partially paid/refunded.

Owners can choose our in-home 1.5-hour consult on behavioural problems only, this is more theoretical cost $220-250.

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